Sunday, January 10, 2010

     “I have NOTHING to wear!!!!” I said to myself as I was looking through my closet this morning. I mean NOTHING! I was already late for church, and I was going to miss the entire sermon if I didn’t hurry up. So I throw on my black jeans (my last resort, if I have nothing else to wear), a grey shirt (that used to be a dress but shrunk over the years), and a leather jacket, well at least the leather jacket was in style. Thank goodness, me and my little sister, Sabrina, we’re going shopping today, because I am in desperate need of some new clothes…

     Well, I went shopping bought a couple of new things, probably never wear half of them, maybe once, or twice. But as I write this, I am looking at my closet. My closet is FULL. I bought a new pair of shoes today but I couldn’t even fit them in there, I had to rearrange and adjust everything, just to find a place for them. And THEN… I had to go ask dad for some hangers, for my new stuff, because I had used all mine.

     Maybe I do have a lot of clothes. A lot of shoes. A lot of STUFF. I should probably rephrase that statement, “I DO have something to wear”, all my clothes have just gone out of style, or are out of season. So I need some new clothes to keep me up to date, “in STYLE.”

     I mean it’s so hard to always look trendy. Unique. Stylish. Fashionable. Like, you get all excited about your new coat, or shirt but you better wear it soon, because before you know it, it will be out of style. Then you will have to go shopping all over again, and again, and it keeps repeating. It’s a never ending cycle of SPENDING and shopping. And it never ever, ever, ever, stops. Well for me, I want to be in the fashion business, when I grow up ;), and so all this really excites me but I’m sure if it wasn’t what I wanted to do, it would really make me mad.

     So do YOU ever wish you had one outfit that never went out of style? Just one, that no matter where you went, what time of year, or what occasion, you looked absolutely stunning in. An outfit that was guaranteed to win you the “Best Dressed” award every year. The perfect outfit that would catch your crushes eye, and knock him off his feet. Something you could wear and look your absolute best. Well what if I told you that you already have it…

     You already own “that perfect outfit.” You’ll see what I mean in these verses (Colossians 3:12-14): “Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience….. and love (which pulls the whole outfit together, just like the perfect pair of shoes).” This outfit should be worn every day. It IS the outfit you will look your best in, it's the outfit that will put all your other clothes to shame, it’s the outfit everyone will be jealous of, and mostly this outfit will never go out of style!!


A Skin Bag for Jesus! said...

Yes, you're right..... I love the pic! Totally, totally, totally, totally, TOTALLY understand the I've-got-nothing-at-all-to-wear while looking inside a packed, crammed, and overstuffed closet! And am ecstatic over your analogy and the perfect wardrobe that God's given us to dress in that we'll always look beaUtiful in!

Awwww... you're so my girl!

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