Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wow, its been awhile. A long while. Where have I been? Where have you been? Life is busy. So busy I haven't had the time or the effort to sit and write one single blog. I'm sorry, I know you have been desperately waiting to hear what I have to say about life, relationships, etc.

I will be back, soon, don't give up on me just yet.  I've been busy with work, and life mostly. I have met a 6 year old girl named Faith, thats changed my life. And I'm sure most of you wonder why I have not written about her yet... Its just too big of a story to tell, too great that I cannot find words to tell you. I have written 73 drafts, deleted them all. I promise, I will post about her and our experience, and after that, I do believe I will start to write more often.

Thanks to all who have encouraged me. Its so strange to hear someone say that read this, or say that  they actually like it. I am so flattered! And its because of you all that I keep writing. I know I am not great, I know most the time I sound very elementary, my vocabulary isn't the best, and I have awful spelling, but theres something you find interesting, whatever it is? I still don't know. But thank you, it means a lot to me.

Actually I have had so many encouraging words that....... (drum roll please)...... I have decided to write a book. No, I am not kidding. And yes I know the book will probably never see a publisher, or whatever you do with a book. But I thought it might be a nice way to pass the time. And who knows, I just might become the next Greg Behrendt (author of He's Not That Into You), and I'll have you guys to thank!! Its a book about dating, I already have my title picked out and everything :) But I'm really excited and have already started working on chapter one. At the rate my blog is going, looks like it might take me over 100 years, but I promise, I will be on chapter five before I die. No but really, if you have any suggestions, anything you'd like to see in the book, any topics inparticular, shoot me an email at leeprissy@yahoo.com

And again, I promise to start writing again soon, so be on the look out!