Thursday, January 7, 2010


It was a low key day. Alabama was suppose to dismantle Auburn .

Their Heisman candidate had a national stage to take center spotlight. But something unexpected happened.

Our tailgate was a fun morning. We hosted many Bama friends who came by. The food was fabulous, the music was toe tapping, and the weather was perfect.

We went to our traditional "Tiger Walk" and cheered the team and coaches into the stadium- like gladiators into their arena knowing a hungry undefeated opponent was on the other side pacing and suiting up for a David and Goliath moment. But something unexpected happened.

The sea of orange filled the sun kissed stadium. Every seat was filled. Our Eagle, Tiger, flew around the tops of our heads and landed midfield The teams entered to thunderous applause, fanfare and frenzied fans.

Bama fans wore stickers that said " Fear the shutout". But something unexpected happened.

Auburn, fueled by the fans and faith of spirit with hard work, threw everything they had at Alabama .

And for 58 minutes Auburn prevailed. The score, the stats, the noise, the pride- For 58 minutes we owned it. But something unexpected happened.

Alabama put together a successful last minute drive and scored the go ahead points. The TV announcers loved the battle for ratings. No one in the stadium moved. But something unexpected happened.

The Alabama fans stayed and "sabaned" their victory. Their band played. Their victory ended a perfect scheduled season. But something unexpected happen.

What possibly could be wrong? The Bama fans had suffered, sweated, cursed, paced and prayed for 58 torturous minutes and their team finally pulled it out and won. But what they saw next was not suppose to happen...either.

The Auburn family stayed. They were suppose to flee in defeat but alas the opposite happened. We stayed in our seats and waited for our team to walk off the field. 80,000 family members escorted them off with thunderous applause and chants of "It's great to be an Auburn Tiger". The recruits stayed and watched this family of ours lift up our team who served up a whole humble pie to #2 Bama.

It reminded me of the scene in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" when the Who's in Whoville gathered after their presents and decorations were missing but lifted their voices loudly anyway to lift up their gratitude and celebrations.

For us it was about thankfulness, honor, and family. For 58 minutes we were fans, but as our team walked off the field for a few minutes we were all one family. It was a great feeling and we had not even won the game...on the scoreboard.

We walked out of the stadium chanting AUBURN cheers down the ramps. Alabama fans were quiet and shocked. Their Heisman candidate was disposed of. Their defense was embarrassed. Their haughtiness was silent.

I have not mentioned the crudeness and ugliness that I witnessed or was a part of from Alabama fans prior and during the game. Their reputation for being rude fans lived on-not pulling for their team and being good fans but being jerks to others- even to children.  (I second that.. saw it happen many times, one time to a 86 yr old man)

However after the game they were silent. Eerily quiet. One would have thought they lost the game. The lack of the cries of "Roll Tide" was noticeably absent. But something happened.

Auburn continued to make us proud, played their hearts out, made idiots out of the sports announcers who proclaimed earlier this was a waste to play, and silenced the visiting fans.

Yes, something happened. Auburn won everything but the scoreboard. This was not suppose to happen!!! Alabama was not suppose to allow this!! It was just Auburn for goodness sakes, right??


Not a perfect day but an AUsome day. And with already picking up some of the top recruits in the nation (#8 class in the nation), a new coaching staff that have eyes of the tiger, and an AU family ready to support them all, we only have one question- when does the 2010 season start?

Wow. What an amazing description of what it felt like to be an Auburn tiger that day. I am SO proud to be apart of this AUsome family! Win or Lose, we love and support our team! I am writing this right after I just watched the National Championship.. Alabama Crimson Tide won the title.. Yes congratulations.. I actually attended the University of Alabama and have pulled for them a couple of times. But I am beginning to dislike Alabama more and more.. I went to that Iron Bowl, after the game it was "Take that Auburn fans," "Hahaha Auburn fans," they didn't celebrate their win, instead celebrated our loss? I went to the SEC Championship, I was pulling for Florida, not because I am an Auburn fan but because my whole family was cheering for Florida and cheer for Florida every year... Another win, Another title for Alabama and what were people saying? "Hahahahahah, we made Tebow cry" and every picture posted on facebook was of Tebow in tears, when it should've been of the scoreboard. Be happy for your team. And now that they won the National Championship they saying (and I am quoting exact statements from these fans) "HA Auburn fans, Florida fans, We did it, What now?," "Glad we can shut these Auburn fans up, RTR," Really?? REALLY? Congraduations, be happy.  YA'LL WON THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Celebrate! But it shouldn't be haha in your face. I know there is those kind of fans from every team. But lets really try and be happy for our own team! WAR EAGLE! I am so happy to be apart of the SEC (which just won a national championship)! And I cannot wait for another AUsome season '10!!!!


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