Tuesday, December 8, 2009

just a little boy crazy..

It was late Sunday night, I had just got home from a long weekend in Atlanta. My family and I had gone to watch the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Florida Gators battle it out for the title of the SEC Championship. We go every year, regardless of who’s playing. My dad, my sister, my brother and I all went, only one person was missing, my mom. She doesn’t like those kind of things, she’d rather stay home, but we missed her greatly.

I was extremely thrilled when I arrived home seeing that her light was still on in her bedroom…YESSS! I chatted with her for awhile, telling her of our adventures of the weekend, but was really eager to watch the new episode of Desperate Housewives! So we both decided we would watch it together, regardless of the time.

There we were, sitting there in the wee hours of the morning, gossiping about the wives of Wisteria Lane, and aww'ing over Gabby's precious wardrobe when the TV turned to commercial. Since the show was on tivo, I could fast forward through all the pointless commercials. Until I saw it... The new season of the Bachelor's trailer came on.. JAKEEEEE!! Ahhh I just started ohhh'ing and ahhhh'ing and holding my hands to my heart, as though I was in fear my heart was going to pop out of my chest. I literally was bouncing around in my seat, putting my hands to my mouth to hush the high pitched squeals! Giggling and smiling from ear to ear. How beautiful "Jake" is... It shouldn’t even be legal!

I turned to my mom as she just grinned and grinned. Then I said to her, "Mom, I'm really kinda boy crazy, huh?" She laughed and said "Prissy, I was just reading the journal I kept when you were a baby. You started young." I smiled and asked what she meant. She said "You were barely 2 and a half and you were boy crazy. You were in LOVE with Billy Ray Cyrus! You were only 2! and thats all you talked about." I was! I remember! Me and my best friend Molly would shut the door to my parents room and jump on the bed, singing "Achy Breaky Heart" to the top of our lungs as we watched “The Best of Billy Ray Cyrus,” full of video clips from concerts and interviews. We loved him. But I guess I didn't get the full gist of what my mom meant until I read the journal myself...

March 8, 1993:
"......2 1/2 years old!!, but so much older in your maturity; sometimes you act just like a 16 year old. You have fallen head over heels with a Country song singer: Billy Ray Cyrus. Oh how you go crazy when you hear him sing. We listen to his CD over and over and over and over. And you tell me to "turn it up LOUD." You know almost all of the words to several of his songs. And you talk about "Billy Ray as if you actually knew him. There was a 30 minute special that came on about him on TV a couple of Sundays ago. Oh! you were so thrilled! You giggled and giggled and put your hand to your heart and actually swooned over the guy. You kissed him several times on the TV screen and said how you wish he could come to your house and you wanted him to hold your hand!
This ^^ is my little girl... at 2 years old!! What will you be like as a teenager?"


A Skin Bag for Jesus! said...

"What will you be like as a teenager???"

STILL boy crazy! STILL swooning over a goodlooking guy! STILL drooling at a well muscled torso! And I must admit though, that she's sure got impeccable taste!

You STILL talk a lot! STILL must share your wonder! And STILL squeal when a cute guy passes by!

I LOOOOOVE spending time with you!!!

A Skin Bag for Jesus! said...

I love you, Pris!


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