Thursday, December 17, 2009

Adullam House

The Adullam House...
oh where do I began.. the Adullam House is a HOME to kids whose parents are incarcerated and have no family that can keep them.  The Adullam House opens their arms wide,
and gives hope to the mothers in prison, so that their children can have a chance at a better life. A life full of happiness and laughter! A life with tons of love and support! A life that was made to honor and serve Him!

I am lucky enough to have witnessed the happiness of these wonderful children. I have volunteered numerous times at the Adullam House, and absolutely LOVE it! Everytime I go, I am there to bless these kids, and come out being the one who was blessed! These kids are so happy! So fun! So crazy! Always have a smile on their faces! You would think since their mothers are in prison, and there is no one else in their family that can care of them, they would be bitter, and distance. But it is the complete opposite, they are so loving from the moment you walk in, until you leave.

There are soooooo many touching stories but if I typed them all I would have to write a whole book but one imparticular is truly amazing  and special to me:

^^^^Above: Me and Logan

It was a rainy, Monday night, I had just arrived at the Adullam House, I was really excited and totally ready to see these kids. I volunteered at the Adullam House times before but I hadn't been in awhile so I was really excited to see all these kids and see how big they had gotten. Well I just walked in the door, trying to get dry, and prepare for the craziness of this awesome home, and I was welcomed by Logan. He about knocked me to the floor. He hugged me, jumped on me, squeezed me, and pulled my hair (he was excited), I don't know why Logan greeted me the way he did but he was so happy to see me. I remembered Logan... but times before I was usually holding one of the other kids (there are about 35 kids, so it makes it kind of impossible to get really close to all of them in a couple of nights.) But I was still really pumped to see Logan and see how happy he was to see me. He said.. uhh whats your name again, "Prissy" I replied! "PRISSSY, PRISSSSSSY,"  he didn't let go of me the rest of the night. There was about 5 little boys begging for my attention, so I was trying to be fair. But Logan wasn't afriad to claim "He had me first." :) It was flattering to see all these boys fightin for my attention... not that I don't get that all the time with grown boys, "scarcastic laugh." :) but it was fun! I let them rotate from sitting on my lap, to sitting on my legs, to my feet and also sit behind me on the couch. (can you tell I was loving the attention?) But again, Logan was the constant. We became really really close in those 3 and a half hours! But as entergetic as Logan was, bouncing around, running, laughing, being a beautiful young boy.. I remember seeing an article about him in the Adullam House's Newsletter... Logan came to the Adullam house as a newborn baby boy. They believed that he would never walk. He is now 6 years old, going on 7 in May 2010. He had some serious skull surgery to repair the shape of his skull. But as you can see, and read, Logan is healthy. He is happy as can be, and one of the most engetic kids I know! The power of prayer is so amazing and without the Adullam House caring enough to take these kids in, where would Logan be today? Would he be walking? Would he be alive? Would he be normal? Would he know HIM? Ahhh I love the Adullam House and they are truly making a difference in these kids lifes, as well as everyone who has had the priveledge of watching these kids grow!



A Skin Bag for Jesus! said...

Woe! Perhaps I'll comment later. But at the moment, you have me crying!!!!!!!!!

I love those kids!!!! But mostly I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you I can hardly stand it! I love your heart!!!

May God blow your socks off in all He has planned for you!


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