Sunday, March 14, 2010

Okay, so who all is still “friends” with their Ex? I mean, you broke up a little awhile ago but ya’ll are still close. You talk almost every day. You're comfortable with him; you can tell him anything and everything. It’s just “comforting” to have him still there! Even though ya’ll aren’t getting back together, aren’t dating, ya’ll just want to stay friends.

You are dating around, kind of. Maybe you have been looking. But no one seems “good enough.” No one that you are really interested in. No one too exciting.

Don’t judge, but I was watching the Tyra Show the other day. And this seemed to be the topic! They called this “snacking.”

“Snacking” that makes sooooooo much sense! When we do this with our Ex, he is still there! Do you get what I mean by snacking? By talking to your Ex so much, you are just snacking, not really getting a full meal but your stomach is growling a little bit (feeling sort of lonely), so you get a snack.

If we keep snacking we will never find anyone else! We will never be hungry enough for the full meal! We need to stop snacking so much, every single day! We are filling up our tummies with too much junk food, and leaving no room for REAL meals!

Forget what your doctor told you “eat a couple snacks during the day so you won’t eat as much at dinner.” No, this does not apply here. We want to be STARVING when its time to eat.

Now, snacking every once awhile is not so bad. Sometimes you want a snack, but just make sure you are not making this a habit!

Once we stop snacking, we will actually be HUNGRY for dinner. When the time comes, when it’s time to eat, we will be so ready. We will be able to eat our whole plate, as my Mimi calls it, we will have a “happy plate.”

There will be so much room in our stomach’s (in our life), that we can fill it with an amazing dinner, and will even have room for desert. The dinner will leave you completely satisfied.

Mmmmmmmmm, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! Is it dinner time yet?


A Skin Bag for Jesus! said...

Awww.... of course you knew I would, but I absolutely love it! Don't ruin your meal.... dinner's on the stove, it'll be time for supper soon! :)

For the Love of the Game said...

I love this Prissy! So true, we need to stop snacking!

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