Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Them: Hiii, my name is ____________. What's your name?

Me: Hey.. nice to meet you ____________. My name is Prissy!

Them: Nice to meet you Chrissy.

Me: No, no, its Prissy.

Them: Huh? Christy?

Me: No (chuckle) like Prissy with a "P" ( Do a prissy motion with my hand. (see photo))

Them: (very confused look) Hmmmm OH Crispy!!


This story happens A LOT. a lot a lot!! Only about 5 or 6 people have called me "Crispy" but EVERYONE that I meet call me Chrissy, or Christy at least once. Its so extremely annoying. I know Prissy is not a common name but its MY name, and when I'm explainin it has a P in it, please don't say Crispy, how many Crispys do you know? That sounds like some nickname off of a VH1 dating show.

Second, will you PLEASE, PLEASE, stop asking if its my real name. No, sadly Prissy is not my real name, it is Priscilla. BUT not one person I know calls me Priscilla. I have never signed my name as Priscilla. I even had a hard time spelling it for  awhile. Also, what does it matter what my real name is? If I introduce myself as Prissy. Call me Prissy. Don't ask questions. Trust me that I know my own name.

And why do you keep asking me if I am "prissy?" (as in: prim, and proper; sassy; stuck up; prudent). No, I am not. Its such an insult. You are using my name in vain. What if I were to ask if you were "bob." or if you're name were to be Fancy, are you "fancy." Its just stupid. You be the judge of whether I am "prissy" or not.

Oh, and this one happens a lot. Oh, hahah, how cute my dog's name is Prissy. Or oh my goodness I am so going to name my cat that, I love it. That is insulting! If your pet is named after me, please keep that to yourself.

Also, yes my name rhymes, and even has the majority of the same letters as the female sex reproduction organ. PLEASE PLEASE do not bring this up. Please do not tell me you thought I said my name was "that." That is probably one of the grossest words on the planet and and the fact that you are associating that word with my name is just degrading.

I am not mad about this, :) I actually think its funny and definitely giving me something to blog about. Thank goodness, because my blogging has been scarce lately! But it does aggrivate me sometimes. Of course you would never know that, I'll smile and repeat until they get it right! When they do, I'll smile, and maybe laugh with them about all the crazy name they thought I said. Its funny. Until it happens 398 times a day. Then it gets old.

With all that said. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE my name! It describes me! Its girly! Its different! As you can tell, I get a lot of attention from it. It starts with a P, and for some reason seems so girlified to me. My fav color is pink, I love to shop, get my hair & nails done, tan, boyyyss, so I think Prissy fits. So I wouldn't trade my name for any other name in the world. EVER. Its amazing. I just want people to start getting it right... :))

Goodnight pretties,

PRISSY Dior Lee (and yes, Dior, IS my middle name.) :)


A Skin Bag for Jesus! said...

Awww.... didn't your mom do a good job!

Hmmmmmm... should I have thought of Crispy first, instead of Prissy, undoubtably I would have chosen Creme as your middle name!

Mitzi said...

today is May 20 and I just read your post about your name. My nickname is Mitzi and like you I always hear Oh, I have or had a dog (it's always a dog) name(d) Mitzi. Yeah it's rude!! I just laugh.

thanks for the post. I though I was the only one. :)

Mitzi said...

This is Mitzi again.
I'm called Betsy, Misty, Mimi, Mitty...

the girl with lots of thoughts said...

:) I just read this :) Thats awesome! I thought I was the only one also, I feel like we should constantly wear name tags. Hey, I will if you do :)

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